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If you own indoor cats, having a good cat urine cleaner on standby is essential. On the first day of bringing home our two rescue cats, our little monster Alf pooed on our brand new rug. No big deal! He was in a brand new environment, scared, tired and hadn’t got used to the pristine litter boxes we’d purchased to help welcome him into his new home.


What we didn’t realise was that Alf had marked his spot, and whilst we were out of the room, our plush, expensive rug became his own little toilet, as he found his favourite spot and started using it regularly!

Enter Urine Off Cat Urine Cleaner


Urine Off Cat Urine Cleaner
Urine Off Cat Urine Cleaner

Urine Off comes in quite an industrial looking bottle, but rest assured its lack of bleach or toxic chemicals makes it safe to use in a household with pets.

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As a cat urine cleaner, Urine Off includes the following features:

  • The product removes urine odours and stains permanently
  • Works on almost any surface
  • Does not contain bleach or toxic chemicals, vital for use around animals
  • Works on new stains as well as old soaked in stains
  • Also works on cat faeces and cat vomit from hairballs

There are several reasons cats can begin urinating on carpets or outside of litter boxes, such as stress or FLUTD symptoms, and as an owner this can become a real headache as the cat urine smell just doesn’t go away!

Urine Off is available in two different sizes, one with a spray applicator:


We treated our plush carpet with Urine Off and after letting the product soak in and then drying the rug out, all noticeable cat urine odours were gone.

Even better than this, after treating the rug with Urine Off we noticed that our cat didn’t return to the same spot to urinate, result! We were truly amazed at how successfully Urine Off not only cleaned and removed any odours, but also how well it deterred our cats from revisiting the same spot.

We highly recommend Urine Off cat urine cleaner and for the price it offers unbeatable value for money. Have you used Urine Off? Let us know in the comments below. You can browse a range of cat odour and stain removers by clicking here.


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