Review: Prime Paws Amazing Arch — All In One Cat Groomer, Massager & Scratcher

We take a look at a cheap and cheerful 'all-in-one' cat groomer, massager and scratcher.


We take a quick look at the Prime Paws Amazing Arch, a cheap groomer, massager and scratcher in one!

Now that Summer’s finally arrived, owning two indoor cats with long hair — ginger, white, black and brown combined — can be a problem. The cats are shedding, and not only can excessive shedding lead to an increase in hairballs, but hair gets literally everywhere! (Side note, we’ve got a post on dealing with this coming very soon — Ed.). Despite following a fairly strict grooming regime in an effort to keep the amount of hair on our clothes, furniture and carpet to a minimum, at this time of year it seems like an uphill struggle. So what if there was a cat toy that could passively help to groom your cat? And what if that cat toy cost less than £10.00? Too good to be true? Read on to find out if the Prime Paws Amazing Arch fits the bill.


Prime Paws Amazing Arch — First Impressions

The first thing to note about the arch is that the design is fairly generic; there seems to be large range of very similar/near-identical products available on Amazon, ranging from around £4.00 to just under £10.00. The Prime Paws version sits in the middle, priced at £7.99 at the time of writing.

The Prime Paws Amazing Arch — All In One Cat Groomer, Massager & Scratcher
The Prime Paws Amazing Arch — All In One Cat Groomer, Massager & Scratcher

The arch is made up of two main parts; a carpeted plastic base with two holes, and an arch made of plastic bristles, a bit like a pipe cleaner. From the product description:

This smart grooming arch has a brushing and massaging arch made of durable, safe plastic bristles and a catnip infused, carpeted base.

Your pet will love the grooming and massaging effects of the Amazing Arch. The bristles remove loose hair and help to shed undercoat so it doesn’t get on your carpets. And the carpet-covered scratch base gives kitty something to scratch that isn’t your furniture!

The product features include the following:

  • Aims to remove loose fur, cut down on shedding and hairballs
  • Massages your cat
  • Durable, safe plastic bristles
  • Hard-wearing, carpeted scratch base
  • Infused with catnip

First impressions are in line with the price. The product is certainly no looker, with the plastic bristled arch in particular looking a bit cheap and nasty. We’ve covered some beautifully designed cat products and unfortunately this isn’t one of them. Whilst it’s certainly something to consider, we’d paid less than ten pounds and were interested in whether or not the cats would like it!

Enter our test subject

Fast becoming a regular feature himself on Best For Cats, our main candidate for testing the arch was Big Alf, our white and black part-Maine Coon rescue cat. Just over 3 years old and with a decidedly naughty streak, Alf is also a gigantic fur ball, so we were keen to see if he’d take to the arch.

Best For Cats resident chief reviewer Big Alf
Best For Cats’ resident chief reviewer Big Alf

Using the Prime Paws Amazing Arch

Based on the price and the appearance, we were sceptical as to whether the arch would be a hit. If you’ve already watched the video above, you’ll know we needn’t have worried…

Prime Paws Amazing Arch - All In One Cat Groomer, Massager & Scratcher
Big Alf mid-flop against his new favourite toy!

Within minutes of putting the arch down it had piqued Alf’s curiosity, and the plastic bristles on the arch in particular seemed to be particularly interesting to him. It didn’t take him long to start brushing up against the arch vigorously, to the point where the little chap was so happy he did a full on flop, eventually lying contentedly on the carpet base, with his head through the arch.

We also began to notice the bristled arch picking up Alf’s long, white hairs. This is by no means a replacement for regular grooming with a good brush like the FURminator, but the arch does passively pick up some cat hair and at this time of year every little helps!

All this for less than £10.00 seemed almost too good to be true, but the arch has one last trick up its sleeve. The plastic base has a small, circular cutout on the underside. This is covered by the carpeted based, but is perfect for covering a small pile of catnip to make the arch even more appealing.


Perhaps to be expected with a product at this price point, there are still some negatives and a few tweaks we made to the arch. Putting the arch together is on first appearances very simple; just push the arch into the base and you’re done. However in use we found that Alf would flop against it so enthusiastically that the arch itself would pop out of one of its holes and fall over — not ideal. To solve this, we screwed/twisted one end of the brush arch into its hole, then forced in the other end, which seemed to do the trick.

The underside has several rubber feet to stop the arch moving about, but worryingly we found that these began coming off just days after purchase. We solved this by peeling all six off and supergluing them back in place, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

The verdict

We had low expectations going in, but were actually really surprised by just how much Alf took to the arch. The Prime Paws Amazing Arch will never win any awards for its appearance, and the quality of construction isn’t fantastic, but in a cat’s eye none of this really matters. The combination of the carpeted base to scratch on as well as the bristles to rub up against were an absolute hit with Alf, and it’s fast become one of his favourite things, taking pride of place in the corner alongside much more expensive scratch posts and cat toys.

The Prime Paws Amazing Arch is available to buy here for £7.99.
The Prime Paws Amazing Arch is available to buy here for £7.99.

It’s reassuring to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune on cat toys; sometimes the simplest and cheapest are just as good at providing your cats entertainment, and the grooming benefits of the arch are an added bonus.

The Prime Paws Amazing Arch is available to buy here for £7.99


Cost Effective Grooming

The effectiveness and cost of the Prime Paws Amazing Arch got us thinking; what other grooming tools are available to help with excessive Summer malting and cost less than £10.00? Here’s a quick selection of some of our favourites:

The Pet Grooming Glove

No, not an oven glove; the pet grooming glove is wearable mitt for massaging and grooming your cat at the same time! The rubber side traps cat hair but can also be used to rub hair from clothes, furniture and even carpets.

Cat Grooming Glove — Grooming Brush Makes Grooming Easier - For Short and Long Hair Pet Hair Removal
Cat Grooming Glove — For Short and Long Hair Pet Hair Removal

Available to buy here from, priced at £8.95 at the time of writing.

Ancol Ergo Cat Slicker Brush

The Ancol cat brush is a small, cost-effective cat brush. The small stainless steel pins remove any stray hair from both your cat’s undercoat and topcoat, whilst stimulating the hair follicles (and from experience usually resulting in a fair bit of purring!).

Ancol Ergo Cat Slicker Brush
Ancol Ergo Cat Slicker Brush

Available to buy here from, priced at £3.99 at the time of writing.

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