We take a long-overdue look at the 4cats valerian cat toys range, a fabulous range of high-quality cat toys

Editors Note: A huge Best For Cats thank you to Marc from Katzenworld for dropping us a line and supplying us with a huge sample pack of 4cats valerian cat toys to review. Marc is the founder of Katzenworld, one of the biggest and best blogs online for cats and cat lovers. This post is very much overdue, and was half-written and never finished off before we took a break from the site during 2017. Please accept our apologies Marc for the delay. 


If you have even a passing interest in cats, check out the Katzenworld website here. It’s a huge resource of brilliant articles, tips, advice and stories for cats and their owners, and they also support the work of International Cat Care. Marc helps with 4cats’ English PR and marketing — if you have any queries or would like to enquire about ordering some 4cats toys, you can contact him through the Katzenworld website. 


Valerian root is a herb which has been used for hundreds of years on humans to treat all manner of conditions, and its calming effects are well documented both on humans and cats! (CatHealth.com has a great article on what it is and the benefits).

This is where the 4cats valerian range of indoor cat toys comes in. They sent us a box of their latest goodies to put to the test!

4cats Valerian Toys
Straight from the of the cats get stuck in!

Each toy is beautifully finished and comes packed in its own plastic wrapper with cardboard insert and information on the reverse.

4cats valerian toys
Beautifully wrapped and presented

Getting everything out shows just how wide-ranging the toys are, with everything from small animals to different shapes and sizes of rolls and cushions.

4cats valerian toys
There’s a large range of differently shaped toys on offer
4cats valerian toys
Each toy is high-quality and very well-finished
4cats valerian toys
These valerian bows went down a treat

The valerian root has quite an intense smell, stronger than catnip and instantly attracted the cats:

valerian toy
Ali getting to know her new valerian toy!
4cats valerian toys
The valerian playrolls were definitely a firm favourite amongst our two

The various shapes and sizes would suit any indoor cat, regardless of age or size. Some of the smaller toys encourage play, whilst the larger toys, cushions and rolls are great for cats to lounge around on.

Included in the range are some very useful toys, such as the below, which wraps around a standard scratch post and forms a very useful holder for cat wands and toys:

valerian cat toys
This very useful toy wraps around a standard scratch post and holds cat toys and wands


4cats valerian cat toys
This little cushion became a firm favourite of Alf’s!

We’re hugely grateful to Marc and the team for sending us through some samples, as you can see from the images our cats were smitten and these certainly make for a great addition to any household with indoor cats. The toys are fun, well-made and the calming effects of the valerian root was obvious very quickly, great for introducing a new kitten into your home or helping to calm a particularly stressed cat. You can download the full range of products here, or visit the website here.



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