We take a look at some of the hand-made toy range from Tillypop’s Toys For Pets

(Note: we were very kindly sent a sample of the Tillypop’s range for this review. A big Best For Cats thank you to Kyri for sending these, please do check out the Tillypop’s Toys For Pets website to browse their full range.) 

Out of all the items featured, one of the things that received the most attention in our review of the My Purrfect Gift Box was a small soft toy that very quickly became Big Alf’s favourites. This was our first exposure to Tillypop’s, and on the back of our review we were very kindly sent a selection of the the Tillypop’s Toys For Pets range to take a look at. Read on to find out more about these wonderful, hand-made toys for cats.

Who are Tillypop’s Toys For Pets

Based in Nottinghamshire and run by Kyri (and her Shihpoo Tillypop), Tillypop’s Toys For Pets produce hand-made enrichment toys for pets that are fun, durable and machine-washable:

Tillypop’s Toys are enrichment toys for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Each toy is handmade with love. There is a range of toys and colours, and bespoke toys can be made to order. Like us, pets may sometimes get bored. Enrichment toys introduce excitement and challenge into your pet’s daily routine. We sell a range of enrichment toys for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. We use the finest fleece strips to make our toys, which are all handmade with love. All toys are durable and washable.

Not only do Tillypop’s make wonderful hand-made toys, but they also do it for a very worthy and noble cause — profits from the sale of their toys are donated to a variety of charities (find out more in the profile at the bottom of the review, or have a read here).

A selection of the Tillypop's Toys For Pets range
A selection of the Tillypop’s Toys For Pets range

We take a look at some of the range in more detail below:

The Tillypop’s Toys For Pets Raggati Rug

One of the most popular toys in the Tillypop’s lineup if the wonderfully-named Raggati Rug, a rug made with traditional methods of rag rug-making. Constructed of strands of a gorgeous, fleecy material, the rug is based around a durable rubber base, which also helps keep the rug in one place when your cats get a little over-enthusiastic!

Tillypop's Toys For Pets Raggati Rug
Tillypop’s Toys For Pets Raggati Rug

The Raggati Rug is designed to:

  • Alleviate boredom

  • Encourage slower eating

  • Introduce a sense of excitement about meal times

  • Can be used as a reward for good behaviour

Available in a range of sizes and colours, Tillypop’s even produce a travel version. The idea is to hide treats or kibble in amongst the folds and ripples of the fleece material, helping to slow down eating but also providing entertainment as your cat tries to find their food! We found both cats enjoyed playing with the rug, with Alf in particular taking a shine to the soft material. We also found that with a few sprays of our favourite catnip spray the cats loved rolling about and playing with it. The rug is very well made, and the sturdy rubber base helps prevent it from sliding around too much. This went down a storm with both cats and retails for a very reasonable £7.50 — Tillypop’s have also dropped us a line to let us know that these now come with an additional ribbon as well as catnip if requested.

Tillypop’s Catnip Toys

Recognisable from our previous My Purrfect Gift Box review, these are very much a favourite in the Best For Cats household.

Tillypop's Catnip Toys
Tillypop’s Catnip Toys

These beautifully made ‘sweets’ are small fleecy catnip toys and proved irresistible to our two cats. The frills on either end encourage the cats to play and pounce on them, and the soft material makes them perfect to add to a cat’s bed to help calm them down. We found these were particularly good for helping the cats exercise, as they’re perfect for throwing across the room and letting the cats chase after them. Contact Tillypop’s for more information.

Tillypop’s Christmas Stockings

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a stocking, and these gorgeous little cat stockings are perfect for including your cat in the festivities!

Tillypop's Christmas Stockings
Tillypop’s Christmas Stockings

Beautifully made in a lovely soft fleece, these are perfect for hanging up alongside your own stockings and filling with cat treats and the aforementioned catnip toys. Just keep them out of reach until Christmas morning! The Christmas stockings are available in a range of colours and priced at £2.50.

Rounding up our Tillypop’s Toys For Pets review

We were really impressed with the care and attention to detail that goes into making the Tillypop’s range. Having been familiar with Tillypop’s cat toys, it was lovely to see some more of their range (which is extensive) and learn a bit more about the products and the company.

Alf guarding his new favourite cat toys
Alf guarding his new favourite cat toys

Star of the show though for us was the beautifully made Raggati Rug, a colourful, innovative toy that proved a hit with both cats (both of who tend to wolf down their dinner far too quickly!). Tillypop’s toys really are hand-made with love, and we’d have no hesitation in recommending these wonderful, reasonably priced toys to cat owners. You can browse the full Tillypop’s range here.


Tillypop's Toys For Pets

About Tillypop’s Toys For Pets

Based in Nottinghamshire and run by owner Kyri (and her Shihpoo Tillypop), Tillypop’s Toys For Pets produce hand-made enrichment toys for cats, dogs and rabbits a wide range of shapes and sizes, as well as bespoke toys made to order.

Owner Kyri suffers from Vasculitis, a condition which causes very painful inflammation of the blood vessels. The profits from the sale of Tillypop’s Toys For Pets goes to Vasculitis UK as well as a variety of UK pet charities (you can email Tillypop’s to nominate a charity). Not only do Tillypop’s make wonderful hand-made toys, but they also do it for a very worthy and noble cause, and we’d urge all of our readers to have a look at their range on the Tillypop’s website, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Kyri also has a JustGiving page here, dedicated to raising money for the charity Vasculitis UK.

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