Read our Dreamies Cat Treats Chicken review, a leader in the cat treats category which even the fussiest of cats will find hard to resist!

Over the past couple of years Dreamies have become one of the best selling products in the cat treats product category. Available in a wide range of flavours, read on for our Dreamies Cat Treats Chicken review.

Dreamies Cat Treats Chicken 60g
Dreamies Cat Treats Chicken 60g

Dreamies are a very popular product in the cat treats product category, from the product description:

  • Treats cats crave
  • Crunchy outside, soft inside
  • Only 2 calories in every treat
  • Shake the pouch and watch your cat come running

Using Dreamies Cat Treats Chicken

As soon as we opened the pack of Dreamies, our cats came bolting into the room and instantly started pawing at us — they knew they were in for a treat, and they liked what they could smell!

One of our cats can be quite a fussy eater — turning her nose up at a food only days earlier she would happily wolf down — but we had no such trouble with Dreamies. Both cats loved them, and would very happily munch on these all day. They truly do seem irresistible to cats and the chicken flavour seemed to go down particularly well.

Dreamies Cat Treats Chicken pack of 8
Dreamies Cat Treats Chicken pack of 8

And perhaps here lies the problem. Although advertised as low-calorie, Dreamies aren’t particularly healthy for your cat and should absolutely be used in moderation. They make a great reward for good behaviour or successfully teaching your cat a new trick, but overuse of these can actually contribute to your cat becoming fussy over food. Your cat may also start to beg and fuss if you rely on these too often.

As with any treat, if not used responsibly these can also contribute to indoor cats becoming overweight. We highly recommend using these sparingly, and alongside a high quality cat food.

You can purchase Dreamies Cat Treats Chicken here.


  1. Lennie has had serious constipation and weight problems. Three times he has been treated by manual evacuation, expensive but insured. I’ve got him eating wet food plus lactulose twice a day fully mixed with some short term, crushed meds the vets gave him for regulating Digestive transit. The midday feed is wet food mixed with cat probiotics. Each meal comes with a few royal Canon obesity kibbles and 4 or 5 dreamies.
    This seems to be doing the trick.
    The dreamies seem to wake up his appetite, so he gets his helping meds.


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