Barking Heads, Meowing Heads have put together a fantastic post on reading cat food packaging.

Recent studies suggest that a quarter of cat foods don’t provide the balanced diet that owners look for within their cat’s food. One in four cat foods don’t have the required amounts of nutrients to keep your pet healthy — and foods high in salt content can damage the health of kittens and other animals (Huffadine, 2015).


Our domestic cats are ‘obligate carnivores’. The term obligate means by necessity; it’s easy to understand, cats must eat meat to live! Meat they absolutely must have, but cats do not do well on added salt or sugar, foods with high cereal content or synthetic ingredients.

Meowing Heads’ great range of ultra-premium, all-natural and healthy food for cats.
Meowing Heads’ great range of ultra-premium, all-natural and healthy food for cats.

Meowing Heads believe all owners should be looking for manufacturers who provide nutritionally complete diets of nutritional excellence for their pets. So, they’ve come up with some top tips for reading cat food packaging, giving you the information and imparting knowledge and opportunity to give your cat the best food on the market.

Top tips for reading cat food packaging:

  • Always read the label — get your nutritional information from the back of the packet (the facts), not the front (the hype) and ensure you understand what they mean.  If you don’t, put it right back on the shelf where it belongs!
  • Look for actual meat or fish content, which needs to be first on the list of ingredients — lamb, salmon, chicken — not at the bottom of the list.
  • Avoid terms like meat and animal derivatives. Give terms like ‘with’ = min 4% and ‘rich in’ = min 13% a miss. Even worse, steer well clear of ‘flavour’ as this means it doesn’t require any of that ingredient! Think beef ‘flavour’ crisps that are suitable for vegetarians!!
  • Avoid any food where cereals or a combination of carbs (ie cereals, vegetable protein extracts, maize and rice) outweigh the meat or fish content.


Barking Heads, Meowing Heads reading cat food packaging

About Meowing Heads

Meowing Heads is a 100% natural, nutritionally positive range of cat food made with healthy, UK & EU sourced ingredients of the highest quality. Meowing Heads have launched an array of new tinned wet food for cats.

Each recipe has been carefully formulated and the new range is veterinary approved and exclusively grain free, and as a result contains even more meat than before! The 100g Meowing Heads tin range contain an impressive 97%. There are NO artificial colourings, NO artificial flavourings, NO artificial preservatives, NO genetically-modified ingredients and NO e-baddies.

More things about Barking Heads and Meowing Heads everyone likes — the bags and tins are awesome; it’s all healthy; it’s jam-packed full of nutrients; dogs and cats go mad for it; it tastes amazing; it’s got just the right amount of vitamins and minerals and ingredients that keep your pets feeling healthy and looking healthy.


Huffadine, F (2015) One in four cat foods don’t have enough nutrients to keep your pet healthy — and the salt content is dangerous for kittens and sick animals in Daily Mail (online) [available at:] [accessed: 25/08/2016]

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