Our latest guest post featured FUR Entertainment, an innovative video subscription service for cats

FUR Entertainment is a streaming subscription channel that offers premium content designed with pets’ interest in mind. We’ve covered videos for cats before, but FUR Entertainment’s points of differentiation from a YouTube solution include; the subject matter of the content is much more diverse, the video quality is better than what streams via YouTube, and instead of a customer having to search for multiple videos FUR Entertainment plays videos for pets consecutively. Perfect! Over to them to tell us a bit more!

What makes a happy cat?

My husband and I live in a resort for cats. Bedspreads past their prime cover our furniture. You know… the ones you take up before company comes over? If you go to the bathroom at night you may have to remind yourself that you didn’t step on an actual mouse. And figuring out where there is room for you to get back in bed among three sprawled out cats may require advanced spatial skills.

I won’t lie. I fantasize of a living room of elegantly upholstered furniture, of house clothes without tiny holes courtesy of tiny claws. But would I give up my cats? Of course not. Without cats who would jump on the bed when I was trying to make it? Who would romp through the laundry when I was trying to fold it? Life without cats would be boring. Cats are endless entertainment. But sometimes I wonder, how entertained are our cats?

One of our cats, Ernie, diligently demands attention every night when my husband and I are cooking dinner. Ernie stations himself in the middle of the kitchen floor and belts out his loudest meows. If there was an opera for cats Ernie would be the primo uomo. He refuses to be satisfied unless we animate something on a string that can be attacked or he is FUR entertained. FUR what?

What makes a happy cat? Watch the FUR Entertainment trailer below!

A pet is FUR entertained when they watch FUR Entertainment, a streaming subscription channel I founded that makes movies for pets. You see I really wasn’t exaggerating about living in a resort for cats.
Check us out and subscribe at furentertainment.com. Tell all your feline friends. And if your cat(s) have an opinion we want to hear about it. You can be their scribe and email me at yourthoughts@furentertainment.com.

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What Makes Cats Happy?

FUR Entertainment is an effort to make every day great for pets and to give to them some of the joy they give us. It’s a streaming subscription channel that offers premium content designed with pets’ interest in mind. 

If you worry about leaving your pet home alone or your pet suffers from separation anxiety try FUR Entertainment. There’s no need for a pet to be bored home alone. You may also find FUR Entertainment is perfect for those times when your pet needs attention, and as much as you’d like to drop everything and play dinner must still be cooked, laundry must still be folded, and your inbox is full of emails that must be responded to. 

After a long day you may find you like to sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and whimsical content of FUR Entertainment as well! We add new movies all the time to keep things interesting. You can watch an example of our content and subscribe here


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