Diet’ Dog’s Go Away! Fleas & Ticks is a natural nutritional supplement for cats & dogs!

In the latest in our series of guest posts, Diet’ Dog explain how the recent spate of mild and wet winters have caused fleas to become a problem all year round. 


As Summertime approaches and temperatures rise, so does the risk of seasonal pesky parasites like fleas and ticks.

While the mild temperatures and early spring weather have been great for getting outside with your pets, it also means an earlier flea and tick season. Our recently mild and wet winters have propagated fleas. Without a cold dry spell to kill them off, we’re seeing fleas as an all year round pest. Help is at hand from pet phyto-nutrition and phyto-care specialists, Diet’Dog.

Diet’Dog’s Go Away! Fleas & Ticks is a natural nutritional supplement packed with herbs such as lemongrass, nutmeg, basil and garlic which are a real flea and tick deterrent that makes your cat repellent to the fleas and ticks from the inside out. This powerful combination of plants discourages insects from approaching cats. As a natural supplement, Go Away! Fleas & Ticks gently works internally to promote your pet’s resistance to unwanted hitchhikers and to ward them off.

Go Away! Fleas & Ticks, by Diet' Dog
Go Away! Fleas & Ticks, by Diet’ Dog

Fed 10 days every month, these palatable granules will help keep your pet free of external parasites, offering a natural alternative to chemical spot on products.

Benefits of Go Away! Fleas & Ticks:

  • Stops fleas & ticks hopping on
  • Makes your cat’s blood really unappetising to biting insects
  • Easy to use
  • No chemicals
  • Cost effective

Combining Go Away! Fleas & Ticks with treating your home environment for prevention as naturally as possible (vacuum your home regularly, use a thorough steam to stimulate fleas over rugs and hard floors etc.) should keep the pests at bay. 85% of fleas will be in the home environment not on your cat!

Left untreated pesky parasites can make your cat seriously ill (for example, allergic reaction to a flea-bite).

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Guest post: Go Away! Fleas & Ticks, by Diet' Dog

Diet’Dog makes natural nutritional supplements and holistic skin and paw care products for dogs and cats. Its natural range is a one-stop-shop for all your pet’s health needs. Whether you’re looking for help with mobility, fleas and ticks, upset tummies, dull coats, sore paws, or itchy skin, you’ll find a natural product in the range visit:



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