Read our Cystaid Plus for Cats review, an effective treatment for cat cystitis and FLUTD

UPDATE: Cystaid Plus for Cats is a fantastic supplement for the management of FLUTD, however conditions such as crystals forming in your cat’s urine can be fatal. If your cat shows any signs of the below, please take them to a vet first to be sure they’re okay! Now let’s move onto our Cystaid Plus For Cats review.


Adult cats, and in particular male cats, can often become prone to bouts of cystitis and feline lower urinary tract disorders (FLUTD), which covers a broad range of conditions. Our male cat has suffered 3 bouts, and as an owner it’s heartbreaking to deal with. Read on for our Cystaid Plus For Cats review.

Symptoms range between cats, but typically the following are a sign of something wrong with your cat’s waterworks:

  • Excessive noise: You cat may meow or cry regularly
  • Litter box behaviour: Indoor cats may move quickly from litter box to litter box, leaving very little urine
  • Straining to urinate: Your cat make shake slightly or cry when trying to pass urine
  • Loss of appetite: You cat may start leaving its food, or beg for food at odd times of the day
  • Over-grooming: Your cat may start to lick itself and groom much more than usual, which can result in excessive hairballs
  • Urinating in strange places: Your cat may start to try and pass urine in the corners of rooms (ours typically goes in the bath)
  • Bloody urine: Urine may appear pink or slightly cloudy

The causes of cystitis or FLUTD can be quite wide-ranging, but a dry diet can have an effect in making your cat’s urine more alkali. There can also be no underlying cause to cat cystitis. From International Cat Care:

FLUTD is thought to affect around 1-3% of cats each year, so is among the more common diseases seen. Because of the diverse nature of the underlying causes, cats of any age, breed and gender can be affected by FLUTD, but in general, the disease is more common in:

Middle-aged cats

Neutered cats

Over-weight cats

Cats which take little exercise

Cats with little or no access outside

Cats that eat a dry diet

More serious is the formation of crystals in the cat’s urine, which can lead to the cat being unable to pass urine (a life-threatening condition).

Cystic Plus For Cats 30 Capsules
Cystic Plus For Cats 30 Capsules

Enter Cystaid Plus

After the third bout of cystitis also resulted in a positive test for crystals in our cat’s urine, we were recommended Cystaid Plus for Cats by our vet as a long-term preventative treatment. Cystaid Plus has been proven to help with the management of feline lower urinary tract disorders (FLUTD) in cats, and the latest formula can also help reduce a cat’s stress levels. 

Using Cystaid Plus for Cats

Cystaid Plus for Cats comes in capsule form, and although these can be consumed, the best way to administer the dosage is to sprinkle the contents of the capsules in with your cat’s food. Benefits include:

  • Replacing and maintaining a healthy GAG bladder mucosal mucin layer
  • Stimulating increased GAG production by mucosal cells
  • Decreasing bladder wall permeability thus reducing bladder wall inflammation
  • Now contains Quercetin and L-Theanine which is known for its calming properties and helps reduce stress behaviour in cats.

One capsule in the morning and one in the evening was recommended for the first month, after which we dropped the dosage down to one capsule per day.

Wrapping up our Cystaid Plus For Cats review

Since putting our cat on a course of Cystaid Plus for Cats, we’ve not yet had to return to the vets and our cat is happy and healthy. He wolfs down his food even with the powder mixed in and he’s not had any problems going to the toilet.

There are other changes you can make that can help with cat cystitis and FLUTD:

  • Purchase a cat fountain for your indoor cats, so they have access to running water
  • Use a food such as Royal Canin Urinary S/O
Cystaid Plus For Cats review
Royal Canin Urinary S/O can also help cats suffering with cystitis or FLUTD

Combined with the above, we would highly recommend Cystaid Plus as an effective treatment for any cat suffering from cat cystitis or FLUTD symptoms. You can purchase Cystaid Plus for Cats in the UK using this link.


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