In a new monthly article, we feature readers’ cats

Calling all readers; does your cat have an unusual story, distinctive appearance or particular behavioural traits? We want to hear from you! We talk about our cats loads, but we’d love to feature stories from our readers about what makes your cat special. Initially we’ll try and run the Readers’ Cats article once a month and see how we get on.

This month in Readers’ Cats

We’re cheating a bit, but to kick off the feature we figured we’d talk about our own cat Alfie. Alfie was adopted at about 9 months, something we’ve written about here. We instantly knew he was naughty as soon as we got him home; he’s an inquisitive chap but also loves his food and will go to any lengths to get fed (or be rewarded with the odd Dreamie).

He’s a big softie at heart, but he does have a habit of waking us up at around 4.30am every morning for his breakfast, something we’re often all too happy to provide for him. On the rare occasion we don’t get up, he likes to sit on the bedside table and knock things off until he gets our attention.

He’s a white and black cat and is part Maine Coon, so he’s a bit of a big lump, but he loves a cuddle as well as playing with one of his favourite toys, the Prime Paws Amazing Arch.

His inquisitiveness often gets him into mischief, best summed up in this video below:

How to feature your cat in Readers’ Cats

If you’d like to feature your cat, simply send us a photo and/or video and description, and we’ll feature your cat on the website! Contact us at and we’ll do the rest! if the feature proves popular enough we might even be able to throw in a cat toy for your trouble.

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