The Hepper NomNom bowl is a beautifully designed and stylish — if expensive — cat bowl 

Browsing the web this Bank Holiday weekend for interesting products (and potential Christmas presents; yes, we like to be prepared!) for the cats, we came across the Hepper NomNom bowl, a stylish, beautifully designed cat food bowl from American cat product manufacturer Hepper.

If you’re a regular reader and recognise the name Hepper, that’s because we reviewed their premium cat bed, the Hepper Pod cat bed, back in April this year. When we reviewed the Pod, what struck us was the attention to detail and the focus on putting good design and usability at the forefront of the product:

“What we liked most is the focus on design and details. Not only has this product been designed with cats’ natural instincts in mind, but the attention to detail is faultless. From the packaging to the seams and finish on the reversible liner (which is machine washable), this oozes quality.”

The Hepper Pod Cat Bed
The Hepper Pod Cat Bed

It’s this focus on design, and creating pet products that not only work well but look good that makes Hepper stand out from a very packed product market. From the Hepper website:

If you are familiar with the Eames’s, know Herman Miller from Herman Munster and like classic designs, then Hepper is for you.  Or, if you have cats or dogs and want something for them that will just make them happy, then Hepper is for you.  Either way, we are here to provide you with thoughtful, timeless and functional pet products.

A focus on good design and quality materials has earned Hepper a loyal following and their products are starting to appear more regularly here in the UK, which is great to see.

About the Hepper NomNom Bowl

Hepper NomNom bowl
The Hepper NomNom bowl

The Hepper NomNom bowl is made from high quality materials and features a number of rather useful features:

  • The unique, patented design helps keep floors clean. The wide lip on the tray catches crumbs and stray food, keeping your floors clean.
  • Each NomNom Cat or Dog bowl has 2 bowls suitable for dry or wet food and water. Each bowl is 10 oz — the perfect size for small dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. The bowls are slightly raised, giving cats a more comfortable eating position, and less strain on their neck.
  • The NomNom looks great in any home and is easy to clean; the durable Plastic Tray and the Stainless Steel Bowls are all dishwasher safe.
  • If you leave cat food out all day, the tray can actually be filled with water to stop bugs and insects crawling up into the food.

We love the look of this, with the combination of the stylish design and practicality of catching any spilled food from our two messy eaters! The Hepper NomNom also comes in some rather awesome colours, including a stylish, muted grey above or the bright green in the main picture.

Where to buy the Hepper NomNom Bowl

Hepper products are starting to become more widely available in the UK which is great to see, and the Hepper NomNom bowl is currently available from here.

This brings us to the one potential downside — price. The NomNom costs £29.00 with free delivery which is expensive for a cat bowl. Hepper products are premium products, however justifying this price, especially if you need to purchase multiple bowls (as we do, Big Alf is a bit of a menace when left around Ali’s food), might be difficult for many cat owners. If the price was closer to £20.00 we’d certainly consider buying one, as it’s clearly a beautifully designed and built product with some real thought put into the design.

Do you own a Hepper product? Let us know in the comments below. The NomNom comes highly rated by cat owners, and you can buy one online using the link below.

Hepper NomNom Bowl


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