5 best apps for cats

The pet market is a burgeoning category in both the iPhone and Android app stores.

5 best apps for cats

Explore some of the best apps for your pets with the 5 best apps for cats!

The pet market is a burgeoning category in both the iPhone and Android app stores. Gadgette has a wonderful article on the 5 best apps for cat; from apps designed to intrigue and entertain your cat, to interactive fishing, bug catching and even cat selfies!

From Gadgette:

As you might have noticed, we’re massive cat fans here. From the tweeting catflap to our roundup of the top felines on Instagram, we’re all about bringing you the best of cats and the web.

Which is why we’ve found you 5 unmissable cat apps – some for you, and some for puss. Providing you trust them with your phone, of course (Gadgette is not responsible for scratched, bitten or half-eaten tech!).

Read the full list here, and let us know what you think of these in the comments. You can download a variety of cat-related apps for your Android device here.


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