We take a quick look at the Clean ‘N’ Tidy Catconcept Multiloo Cube, a litter box and scratch post in one!

We like to think we bring cat owners some of the best and most innovative products here at Best For Cats, and the Clean ‘N’ Tidy Catconcept Multiloo Cube from Moderna is just the kind of product that caught our eye!

Clean 'N' Tidy Catconcept Multiloo Cube
The Clean ‘N’ Tidy Catconcept Multiloo Cube

Clean 'N' Tidy Catconcept Multiloo Cube

So what is the Clean ‘N’ Tidy Catconcept Multiloo Cube

In a nutshell, the Catconcept Multiloo Cube is a cube-shape litter box for your cats, with an integrated cardboard scratch post and toy on one side, and a comfortable cat bed on top!

Sturdily constructed in a fairly neutral two-tone grey, features include:

  • An ‘ultra modern’, contemporary design for maximum consumer appeal
  • Space efficient “all in one” covered cat litter tray with swing-door, cat bed with cushion on the cube.
  • A playground including cat toy & clip, cardboard scratching post.
  • A carbon filter to filter unwanted smells. 
  • A litter scoop.
  • Machine washable cushion.

Watch the video below to see the Clean ‘N’ Tidy Catconcept Multiloo Cube in action!

The Best For Cats view

We really like the idea of this product; the scratch post and toy are a nice touch, but the cube shape and integrated cat bed make this a great space-saver for indoor cats. It’s not the cheapest litter box at around £55.00 and we’d love them to produce it in a range of colours, but it does represent good value for money considering the cost of a separate litter box, scratch post and cat bed. We did wonder if cats would be turned off using the bed and scratch post, but the reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive and we’d love to hear from any owners. Click here to find out about the product. 

Clean 'N' Tidy Catconcept Multiloo Cube


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