The Petcube Camera changes everything

The Petcube Camera lets you watch, talk to, and play with your cat remotely!


The Petcube Camera is a super-innovative new product for cat owners

Here at Best For Cats we’re fans of both cats (obvs) and technology, so anything that marries our love of both is a winner in our eyes. Enter the Petcube camera, an innovative new product from US-based startup Petcube. Check out the video above to see the Petcube Camera in action!

Petcube Camera

From the Petcube website:

Founded in late 2012 and based in San Francisco, Petcube is a global leader in Connected Pet, defined at the intersection of Connected Home and pet care. Its first product, Petcube Camera, is an interactive pet camera that lets pet owners see, talk to and play with their pets remotely from their smartphone.

Petcube Camera
The Petcube features a stylish, minimal design

What is the Petcube camera?

The Petcube is an interactive Wi-Fi pet camera for both cats and dogs. The camera includes real-time video which can be streamed to a movie device so you can check up on your cats. And well as this, the camera includes a built-in laser pointer, allowing cat owners to play with their pets from their smartphone using the free Petcube app, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Petcube Camera
The smartphone app allows you to control the laser mounted in the camera and interact with your cat remotely!

We love the idea of being able to check in on our cats from the convenience of our smartphone, but the ability to play with and entertain them remotely is a stroke of genius!

Where to buy

The Petcube appears to be a real quality product and is backed up by some great reviews. Whilst it’s certainly not cheap at ~£145.00, it’s a highly innovative product and a real boon if you’re regularly away fro your cats.

The Petcube Camera is available from as part of the Amazon Launchpad project, with supports unique and innovative products from startups and small businesses.

Click on the button below to find out more!

Petcube Camera

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