Interest in cat grooming products is increasing

Cat Grooming Products are a Growing Category

Cat grooming products

Cat grooming products are becoming more popular as owners become more educated

Cat grooming products are a growing category, according to Pet Product News. Not only is grooming your cat beneficial for its appearance, but grooming regularly can also prevent issues such as excessive hairballs (have a read of our article Dealing with hairballs).

As Pet Product News reports:

“A lot of cat owners admit that they’ve never considered grooming their companion. Yet some retailers reported that cat grooming is a product category that is growing as more owners become educated. Keeping a well-rounded selection of grooming products on hand will help stores become a go-to resource for cat grooming products customers, both old and new.

Manufacturers and cat owners alike are beginning to recognize the importance of grooming, said Rikki Mor, founder and owner of Groom Genie in Denver.

“Many people are under the mistaken impression that because they are such meticulous self-groomers, cats don’t need to be groomed,” Mor said. “But grooming a cat is beneficial for the cat in so many ways—removing excess hair, distributing oils, stimulating the skin and more. Enrichment is another big trend, and grooming can provide great bonding time between owner and cat.”

A lot of cat owners still prefer to leave grooming in the hands of professionals, but that doesn’t mean they should be entirely counted out for grooming product purchases.

“A lot of people don’t want to deal with their cat freaking out, so they wouldn’t even consider grooming at home,” said Janet Carhuayano, store manager at The Salty Paw in New York. “We definitely have quite a big cat grooming clientele base. While we don’t carry a ton of cat grooming products, it’s important to have some in line with what our groomers are using. Customers do end up buying some of the products used by their professional groomer.”

Products already being used by the groomer are an easier sell, Carhuayano added.”

Are you a regular cat groomer? Do you splurge on cat grooming products, or would you rather leave cat grooming to the professionals? Is this a service you factor into your costs of owning a cat?

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