FeliSafe cat fencing helps keep your cat safe and secure whilst enjoying the outdoors

FeliSafe cat fencing have been creating cat fencing solutions for indoor cat owners since 2009, when the owners found that there was little online in terms of cat-proof fencing.

Indoor cats are likely to live much longer than outdoor cats, and are far less prone to disease and dangers such as theft, busy roads and other animals. However many indoor cat owners with gardens wish that they could let their cats roam outside in a safe, secure space, in order to benefit from a change of scene and some fresh air.

FeliSafe cat fencing is based on the premise that a solution for securing your garden to keep your cat safe should be simple to install and affordable, without compromising on quality. Their product is a complete cat fencing solution, based on the principle that the vast majority of cats are not willing to climb upside down. Their product is built to your requirements and fitting is also available at an optional cost. The netting system, supported by bespoke brackets, means that your cat isn’t able to climb over the top of fencing surrounding your garden.

FeliSafe Cat Fencing
FeliSafe Cat Fencing

FeliSafe’s handy FAQs section features thorough answers on installation and securing your garden, shed or outbuilding.

To see just how effective their product is, head over to their testimonials section, which includes glowing feedback from cat owners across the country.

Find out more about FeliSafe pet fencing at www.catfencing.org.uk where you can purchase their fencing or request an estimate, or follow them on Facebook here.

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