We had no idea, but the cat backpack is out there, and it’s amazing.

Here at BestForCats.co.uk we try and cover as broad a range of products and articles as possible — from indoor cat fountains shaped like flowers to mobile phone apps for cats — and if it’s something we think our readers and fellow cat owners will enjoy, that’s good enough for us. So when the following image of a cat backpack crossed our desk this morning, we had to investigate further:

Was this even real?! And is there a market for these?

The cat backpack exists!

So it turns out that yes, a backpack especially for cats really is a thing, technically falling into the cat carriers and strollers product category. And it really is a practical, safe and secure alternative to the more traditional cat carriers.

Here are just a few that caught our eye:

The Petsfit Fabric Foldable Pet Carrier for Cats 

One of the largest rucksacks on the market, the Petsfit model measures an enormous 43cm(height) by 32cm(depth) by 29cm(width), making it suitable for larger breeds of cat.

The Petsfit Fabric Foldable Pet Carrier for Cats Cat Backpack
The Petsfit Fabric Foldable Pet Carrier for Cats

Like many traditional carriers, the Petsfit model includes zippable top and front opening sections to make it easier to get your cat inside, as well as interact with them during transport. The mesh material provides excellent air circulation and the shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort. There’s even a safety seat belt inside for your pets!

The Petsfit Fabric Foldable Pet Carrier for Cats is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk, priced at £43.99 (at the time of publishing) with FREE delivery. Click here for more information.

Trixie Timon Rucksack for Cats

Like the Petsfit model, the Trixie Timon Rucksack for Cats is a large rucksack suitable for cats (and dogs) up to a whopping 12KG, making it perfect for the larger and heavier breeds of cat.

Trixie Timon Rucksack Cat Backpack
Trixie Timon Rucksack

The Trixie model includes reflective piping to make sure you’re seen during those hiking trips, as well as a clip for securing a lead, ensuring your cat won’t accidentally jump out.

The Trixie Timon Rucksack is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk, priced at £45.28 (at the time of publishing) with FREE delivery. Click here for more information.

The Fuloon Pet Carrier Bag for Cats

Slightly different from the other two models, the Fuloon rucksack features an opening at the front of the backpack for your cat’s head to poke out. This gives your cat a lovely view of whatever you’re walking towards (or away from) and the adjustable toggle ensures a comfortable fit can be achieved with your pet. The Fuloon also includes a clip to safely secure your pet and stop them jumping out.

Fulton Pet Carrier Cat Backpack for Cats
Fulton Pet Carrier Bag for Cats

The Fuloon would probably suit the more adventurous cat, and would be brilliant for giving your cat a supervised view of the great outdoors on a hike or trip (perhaps more so than just a trip to the vets). It’s also considerably cheaper than the other two models here, and is available in a range of colours.

The Fuloon Pet Carrier Bag for Cats is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk, priced at £14.98 (at the time of publishing). Click here for more information.

A wonderful idea with lots of choice for owners

So there you have it! Cat rucksacks are real and there are a range of models available to suit all shapes and sizes. From a comfortable, easy to wear cat carrier for trips to the vet or relocating your cat, to a rucksack allowing your cat to accompany you wherever you go, there’s a solution to suit you.

Do you own a cat backpack or rucksack? Do you prefer these over conventional carriers? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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