Developed by UK vets, Nutrabio is a new product from well-known manufacturer Nutravet

Nutrabio, from British veterinary company Nutravet, has been launched to help manage intestinal health in both cats and dogs.

From an article in Vet Times:

Nutravet managing director Matthew Shaw said: “Studies have shown the elite strain of probiotic bacteria we use in Nutrabio helps to normalise faecal consistency and increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut – working to achieve a healthy microflora, while boosting the immune system and crucially ensuring rapid intestinal stabilisation.

Aimed at cats and dogs with a digestive imbalance, Nutrabio paste aims to:

• Restore normal digestive function in your cat
• Promote friendly bacteria
• Replenish the natural balance of gut bacteria
• Bind toxins

Similar to probiotics and prebiotics for humans, the good bacteria promotes a healthy intestinal tract. Studies have shown that supplementing with these can lead to an increase in beneficial bacteria, as well as blocking harmful bacteria, ultimately leading to a happier kitty!

Nutravet products come highly recommended by vets, and we also like that they use  100% recycled packaging where possible on all of their products and materials.

Where to buy Nutrabio

Nutrabio is only available to order through authorised veterinary practices. For more information, email or visit

If your cat is having digestive trouble, speak to your vet about the Nutravet range. Alternatively you can browse a range of digestive remedies available online by clicking the links here.

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  1. I bought Nutrabio. It cost £15. I had to give her 2 notches. 2 notches is about 1 level teaspoon. 4 little teaspoons lasts 4 days. If you want to pay £15 for a product that lasts 4 days go for it. I won’t be doing it again!


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