Lyme disease warning for cat owners

Supporting this latest survey, findings from previous pet owner research4 confirmed that 96 per cent of pet owners would be happier using a tick product knowing that ticks are repelled before biting and feeding.

Lyme disease warning for cat owners

Despite the recent media attention highlighting the risk of Lyme disease, 44 per cent of British pet owners admit they still don’t provide regular preventative tick treatment for their pet, as experts join forces to warn that tick borne disease can be severely debilitating to pets as well as humans. As reported at Your Cat:

“More than 60 per cent of pet owners admit they are worried about ticks spreading disease to their pet, as nearly a third (29 per cent) say they have discovered a tick on their pet.

The research among 4,000 dog and cat owners, commissioned by Bayer Animal Health, supports the national tick awareness campaign ‘No Bite Is Right’, which aims to educate pet owners about the importance of tick prevention. Owners are also encouraged to speak to their vet about preventative tick products.

Ticks can carry a number of diseases, many of which are harmful to both pets and humans, and can be transmitted in less than a day after being bitten by an infected tick. One of these diseases is Lyme Disease which can result in symptoms including: fever, lameness, lethargy, swollen joints and loss of appetite. Other diseases include: Ehrlichiosis, a bacterial infection which attacks white blood cells and Babesiosis, a malaria-like parasitic disease which causes fever and aching.”

Lyme disease can have serious consequences for both you and your cat. If your cat is an outdoor cat, you can buy a range of tick treatment online from


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