We’ve put together a few tips on how to keep cats cool in summer

It’s Summer here in the UK and it is hot! With temperatures reaching a heady 35°C+ in parts of the country. This is great for us humans, but for indoor cats who are covered in fur and stuck inside, the Summer heat can be uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. We’ve put together a few tips below to help keep cats cool in Summer, as well as links to some products we’ve found help keep our cats hydrated and happy!

1Keep your cat’s water cool

The Catit Flower Fountain — our favourite cat water fountain and ideal for keeping cats cool in Summer
The Catit Flower Fountain — our favourite cat water fountain and ideal for keeping cats cool in Summer

Keeping hydrated is the best way to keep cats cool in Summer. Ideally indoor cats need access to several fresh water sources. Preferably they should have a few bowls of water that are replenished twice a day and ideally kept in shaded locations, and a cat fountain is a great way of ensuring they have a source of water that’s filtered and freshly oxygenated 24/7.

5 of the best pet fountains for cats

The Catit Flower Fountain — our favourite cat water fountain and ideal for keeping cats cool in Summer
The Catit Flower Fountain — our favourite cat water fountain and ideal for keeping cats cool in Summer

Keeping the water in your cat’s bowl fresh is a great start, but by adding a couple of ice cubes, your cat has access to a cool and refreshing source of water all day long.

A metal bowl can also help keep the temperature down. Also consider keeping the water source away from windows and in the shade to avoid excessive evaporation.


2Make ice cubes for your cats!

How to keep cats cool in summer
How to keep cats cool in summer — cat ice cubes!

A fun way to get your cats to play with their water bowl is to make some cat ice cubes. Take the water from a tin of tuna (make sure it’s in fresh water, definitely not brine) or a complete wet food such as Thrive’s tuna fillet cat food (which we reviewed here), and use this as the base for your ice cubes. Then add a small amount of tuna to the centre, put them in the freezer and wait until they’re frozen!

Once ready, add a couple of ice cubes to your cat’s water bowl. Our cats were enticed by the smell, then spent the next 10 minutes splashing about trying to get the tuna as it bobbed away from them, until finally it melted and they got their reward! Not only does this encourage them to drink, but it’s also a fun game that stimulates your cat without them needing to run around and get too hot.

3Cool down your flat or house

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Keeping your house cool will also keep your cats nice and comfortable.

This sounds obvious, but by lowering the temperature in your house — or more easily the temperature in a room or spot where your cat likes to be — you’ll help your cat regulate their body temperature.

5 of the best pet fountains for cats

A desk fan or floor-standing fan is a great way to start, just ensure that the blades are well protected. Typically we found that the cats weren’t fussed by the presence of the fan as long as it wasn’t too close. The noise didn’t bother them but the buffeting of the air did make them move to another room. Non-buffeting models such as Dyson’s AM07 Cooling Tower Fan can help, but are very expensive.

An expensive but worthwhile investment is a dedicated air conditioning unit for your house or flat. Very few residential properties in the UK include air conditioning as 99% of the year we don’t have the weather to warrant them, but a portable air conditioning unit is perfect for cooling a room, and can be moved from a living room to a bedroom at night.

They’re less expensive than you’d think, starting at less than £100.00. You can browse a range of air conditioning units on Amazon.co.uk here.

Another excellent way to cool down your cat’s favourite spot is with a pet cooling mat. These are non-toxic, require no water or power and automatically cool down your cat when he or she sits on top of it. They come in a variety of sizes and adding a couple of valerian toys will make a perfect spot for your puss to relax in the warm weather.



4Open your windows

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Keep cats cool in summer — 5 great tips

We know, another obvious one. But if you’re an indoor cat owner this can sometimes present something of a problem. A cool breeze through your home is an excellent way of keeping your house cool, but the risk of your cat escaping and becoming lost is a real cause for concern.

There are a few ways around this. The first is to invest in a window screen, which secures around your windows or balcony doors and allows them to be opened without the risk of your cat wandering out. The second is to look for some window locks, which will allow you to open your windows just enough to let a breeze in. A windowsill is a great place for a cat to relax, so even a light breeze can help cool them down.

Keeping Cats Safe Outdoors
Consider a cat fencing solution to give your cats the benefit of the outdoors without any of the risks.

Finally, if you have a garden but own indoor cats, consider a cat fencing solution like the fantastic products offered by our friends ProtectaPet, which will allow your cats full access to your garden without the risk of losing them.

5Keep an eye on your cat

These videos will keep your indoor cats entertained!
Whilst your cat’s watching you, make sure you’re watching your cat!

Summer can be tough on our little furry friends, so make sure to keep a close eye on your indoor cats during the Summer months. Panting, rapid breathing or heart rate, clammy paw pads and restlessness can be signs that your cat is overheating or uncomfortable. If you do spot any of these, contact your vet immediately.

Other products that can help keep your cat cool include cat cooling pads, which can make an excellent spot to sleep for your cat whilst keeping them cool!

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