Feeding cats fish

The health rewards for consuming fish have long been known, but research shows that feeding cats fish can also yields plenty of benefits.

Consuming fish and the oils found within them can yield benefits not just to cat owners, but to cats as well. New research is starting to unveil just how beneficial feeding cats fish as part of their diet can be.

Manufacturer of high-quality pet food Hill’s cover the benefits and details of feeding fish to your cat in an article on their website:

The studies that scientists are publishing about the benefits of fish oils are just astounding. Want your cat to have good eyesight? Try fish oils. Your old cat is stiffening up? Try fish oils. Wish your cat was a bit brainier? Try fish oils.

Veterinary surgeon, Libby Sheridan from Hill’s Pet Nutrition explains it like this, “There is a particular fish oil called DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid, that we know is involved in neurological development – that’s development of the brain and its connections. Although some of that development occurs while the kitten is still in its mother’s womb, it’s clear that some changes are still occurring after birth.

Before you start adding additional fish oils to your pet’s diet, Hill’s offers a few words of caution:

Don’t be tempted to just give extra fish oil to your cat. Too much of any one nutrient can throw the body out of kilter and cause problems. Get veterinary advice before supplementing a diet, especially if your cat is ill. In most cases there will be a correctly formulated supplement that your vet can prescribe, or a suitable veterinary formulated special diet that can meet your pet’s specific needs for all nutrients and that is tailored for that medical condition.

Hill’s range of Prescription Diet Feline c/d Multicare Cat Food contains the perfect balance of fish and is a complete cat food specially formulated to effectively maintain a healthy urinary tract and reduce the risk that stones will re-occur after dissolution in cats.


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