Find out how to administer cat first aid

A Nottingham-based vet has started first aid classes just for cats, in the hope of teaching cat owners how to administer basic cat first aid should their pet become unwell or suffer a trauma or sudden illness.

From the article in the Nottingham Post:

Mark Thirkell held a pet first aid evening for local pet lovers to train them how to respond and help with emergencies involving animals. He hopes the lessons will help members of public help with any accidents as more pets are let out of the house due to the lighter nights.

“I’ve noticed a significant increase in pets being presented with road traffic injuries since the clocks went forward recently,” he said. “It’s a seasonal pattern and to do with more pets being let out because of the lighter evenings and more dogs being taken for walks, etc.

With over 600 accidents a day on the UK’s roads involving cats, it’s becoming increasingly likely that cat owners and lovers may be in a situation where they need to help an animal in pain and distress, and Mr. Thirkell hopes these classes will help should the situation arise.

More information on cat first aid classes

Mr Thirkell is planning on expanding the lessons, which include how to give cats Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as well as how to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on animals in situations where they may be choking.

For more further information, contact Mr Thirkell at Forest Vets surgery in Nottingham on 0115 978 5036.

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