Cat walking

Cat walking seems to divide cat owners.

Cat Walking

The Guardian features an article on a contentious issue amongst cat owners — cat walking

Cat walking seems to divide cat owners, but The Guardian runs a touching article on the subject:

The guy at the pet store showed me the harnesses used for cat walking. He pointed to the skull and crossbones one: “This one’s most popular.” I looked at him, then at the pink harness, and decided to go a little bit easy on myself, to compromise in that moment and walk Monk in the butchest harness they had. I said, “I am already walking my cat.” He gave me a pointed look, lowered his voice, and agreed quietly, “Yeah.” He reached for the skulls and bones. “Here you go. Good luck, dude.”

Many cat owners decide to keep their cats indoors for reasons including safety from traffic and other people/animals, theft, disease and illness. However the downside of keeping house cats is that they don’t experience fresh air and the sites and sounds of the great outdoors.

We’ve looked at Felisafe cat fencing as an option for keeping your cats secure outdoors, but cat walking seems to be an increasingly popular option amongst owners.

Is cat walking something you’ve considered? Leave a comment, or browse a selection of cat harnesses here.



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