Bought By Many features a comprehensive rundown of the best pet insurance for cats in 2016

Insuring your cat is really important; according to figures from the Association of British Insurers, the average claim made on a pet insurance policy is over £600, with a staggering £478 million paid by pet insurers in 2013 alone. Medical bills for cats are expensive, much more so than the cost of a monthly premium charged by pet insurance companies. But what’s the best pet insurance for cats? Bought By Many features a comprehensive article on the best companies to insure your cat with, as well as information for owners and reviews of the different insurance policies.

The 10 best pet insurance companies for cats

Bought By Many used several factors to come up with their list below, not just the cost of the monthly premiums (as the cheapest policy doesn’t always represent the best cover for your cat). They looked at research undertaken by a range of financial service review organisations (such as Which?) in order to compile 2016’s list:

  1. John Lewis Insurance: Premier
  2. More Than: Premier
  3. Animal Friends: Prestige
  4. Petplan: Ultimate
  5. John Lewis Insurance: Plus
  6. Tesco Bank: Premier
  7. Sainsburys Bank: Premier Plus
  8. M&S Bank: Premier
  9. More Than: Classic £8,000
  10. Sainsburys Bank: Premier

How does cat insurance differ from insuring dogs?

If you’re a multi-pet household, you may have noticed that cat insurance is generally less expensive than insuring dogs. There are a few reasons for this, as covered in the original article:

Firstly, cat owners don’t need public liability insurance. This is because — unlike dogs — cats are seen as “free spirits” in the eyes of the law, and owners cannot be held legally responsible for the things they do. Interestingly, this principle has been enshrined in law since Ancient Rome.

Meanwhile, the cost of vet treatment for a cat during its lifetime is significantly less than the cost for a dog. This is partly because procedures for cats cost less in the first place, and partly because the probability of cats needing treatment doesn’t increase as sharply as they get older as the probability of dogs needing treatment does. (Pet insurance companies refer to this as “lower claims inflation”).

The Best For Cats recommendation

We’ve personally insured both of our indoor cats through Tesco Bank since we first adopted them, and in that time have made a few claims, mainly due to Alf’s history of cystitis and FLUTD. He’s thankfully yet to undergo any major procedures, but the cost of a couple of vet consultations, medication, lab time and diagnostic kits quickly added up to well over £200.00. It’s reassuring to see Tesco listed in the top 10, and we’ve so far had no complaints; they’ve paid out without issue every single time. We pay around £23.00 a month to insure both cats on Tesco’s top tier (Premier) insurance.

Making a claim is simple; just print off the forms, fill in your cat’s details (all straightforward, but make sure you have you cat’s microchip number to hand), hand the forms over to your vet and they’ll usually do the rest. Some vets charge a small admin fee to complete the forms (usually ~£5.00), but Tesco will accept receipt via email, which speeds up the process.

We want to hear from you!

Who do you insure your cats with? How much does it cost, does it represent good value for money (in you eyes) and how have you found the process of making a claim? What do you think is the best pet insurance for cats on the market? We’d love to hear from you!

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