The Kitty Convict Project is a wonderful initiative to help reunite more lost cats with their owners

The Kitty Convict Project aims to help solve the problem of missing cats; a cat owner’s worst nightmare. In the US, less than 5% of cats reported missing are reunited with their owners, a desperately sad figure. We’d hazard a guess that in the UK the number of dogs returned is much higher than cats as well.

There are numerous reasons revealed by the project; more dogs have ID collars in the US, cats are far better at hiding, and when people see a cat in the street, they assume that it’s an outdoor cat without considering that it could in fact be a lost indoor cat.

Often the simplest solutions are the best, and we think the Kitty Convict Project is genius; if your cat is an indoor cat, dress it in orange; preferably an orange collar, (which is where the project gets its name).

The Kitty Convict Project
The Kitty Convict Project

Orange is bright and reflective, and as more people become aware of the scheme, an orange collar signals that your cat is an indoor cat, and if found outdoors needs rescuing!

We think this is a wonderful scheme and ask our readers to share this as much as they can. You can visit the Kitty Convict Project website here, as well as following the founders on Facebook and Twitter.

What to do if your cat is missing

If your cat does go missing, YourCat have put together this great list of useful numbers and contacts:

Battersea’s Lost Dogs & Cats Line (for animals lost or found within the M25 area): Tel. 0901 477 8477 (8am to 8pm). Also see the Lost Cat Kit on the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home website

RSPCA:, Tel. 0300 1234 999 (24-hour service)

Cats Protection:, Tel. 03000 121212 9am to 5pm weekdays

Animal Search UK:, Tel. 01432 761406 (9am to 9pm)

Keeping track of your cat

The market for cat tracking devices is booming, as more and more owners are becoming aware of the various devices and technology available to keep track of their animals. As the market booms, the prices also come down, and many cat tracking devices are cheaper than you’d think:

Girafus® Pro-track-tor Pet Safety Tracker

Girafus® Pro-track-tor Pet Safety Tracker
Girafus® Pro-track-tor Pet Safety Tracker

The Girafus® Pro-track-tor Pet Safety Tracker weighs just over 4 grams and comes with a range of half a kilometre, without the need for a monthly fee. Click to find out more. 

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker
Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is a lightweight, waterproof GPS tracking device, which offers live positioning for your cat through the free Tractive smartphone app. Features include live tracking as well as the ability to designate ‘safe zones’ and be alerted if your pet strays outside these. The service costs £4.49 per month, and you can find out more here

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