Microchipping is a safe and permanent means of identifying an animal

We can’t quite believe it, but it’s already June; the sun’s (finally) out, it’s time for BBQs, beach days and long Summer evenings. But did you know that every year June is also National Microchipping Month?

We’ll be honest, we didn’t. Our rescue cats were microchipped as standard at the RSPCA shelter before we took them home, but according to an article by Cats Protection, a leading UK rehoming organisation, a staggering 90% of cats that come into their Glasgow centre’s care are not microchipped:

“Currently when a cat comes into our care, the first thing we do is look for some sort of identification, including scanning for a ‘chip. In a lot of cases there is no microchip so we have to trawl lost and found registers and advertise the cat as being “found”. It’s a very time consuming process with no guarantee that we will ever locate the owner, despite our best efforts. And yet all of these problems could be solved by a tiny ‘chip that is no bigger than a grain of rice.”


About Microchipping

Microchipping is safe, permanent and drastically increases the chances of a lost cat being safely reunited with his owner. Cats Protection gives a great rundown of the procedure and what’s involved:

  • Microchipping is the most effective way of identifying a lost pet (chips don’t come off or put the cat at risk of injury like collars can)
  • Each microchip has a unique number which is stored on a national database. A scan of the chip reveals the owner’s name and address from the database’s records
  • A microchip is slightly smaller than a grain of rice and is inserted under the cat’s skin between the shoulder blades
  • The procedure is very simple and is no more painful than an injection. A cat will not be aware of the microchip’s presence once inserted

We can’t stress how important it is to get your cat microchipped — and just as importantly keep your details up to date with the national database if you move — even if your cat is an indoor cat.

We fully support National Microchipping Month and urge cat owners to help raise awareness. The more lost cats that are reunited with their owners the better!

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