Cupcake the cat survives 8 days in post

Cupcake the cat doing well after being accidentally sealed inside a cardboard box and posted 260 miles

Cupcake the cat survives 8 days in post
Photograph: Grove Lodge Veterinary Group

Happy ending as Cupcake the cat survives 8 days in post and 260 mile transit

The Guardian reports that Cupcake the cat is safe and well, after owner Julie Baggott accidentally boxed up her cat and posted her to a customer in West Sussex, some 260 miles away.

Cupcake the cat arrived 8 days later in Worthing, West Sussex, after miraculously surviving the journey from Falmouth, Cornwall.

As reported:

The customer was understandably “somewhat startled”, vets said, when the box of DVDs was opened and Cupcake jumped out.

After being contacted, the RSPCA collected the cat and took it to Grove Lodge veterinary hospital in Worthing.

Dr Ben Colwell, a vet at Grove Lodge who treated Cupcake, said: “She was quite dehydrated and obviously really quite scared, quite nervous.

Despite requiring several days of treatment for dehydration, we’re pleased to hear Cupcake has made a full recovery since being collected by her owners and taken back home.


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