We’ve put together a collection of 10 of our favourite cat infographics

Infographics are brilliant. They’re a great way to visualise a large amount of data in an easy-to-understand way. Even better than that, there are even infographics about cats!

We round up 10 of our favourites below:

1. The health benefits of cats

Credit: ZocDoc

We love cats, and if you’re reading this, chances are you love cats too! But did you know that having a cat for company can produce health benefits in people? Cats’ calming, gentle nature can reduce stress, speed up healing and even provide relief for conditions such as Alzheimer’s and autism.

2. Spotting the signs: how to recognise a senior cats

As cats get older, their bodies begin to change, just like humans. Between the ages of 7 and 11 these signs start to become more pronounced. This fascinating cat infographic shows you what to look out for.


3. 17 reasons to own a black cat

Credit: Sixcatsonedude.com

17 surprising facts about black cats, all presented in one beautiful cat infographic. Our personal favourite? ‘People who one black cats are smart and better looking.’ 😀

4. Cat behaviours explained

We’ve looked at cat behaviour before (see our posts on explaining cat behaviour here as well as our post on maintaining your cat’s behaviour), but we couldn’t resist posting one of the most beautifully illustrated cat infographics, which examines faces, noise and posture.

5. How catnip affects cats

Credit: Catnipsum.com

Catnip. We all know cats go mental for it. But what is it, where does it come from and just why do cats love it so much? This infographic explains all.

6. Why do cats meow?

Credit: doggieddrawings.net

What do cats want when they meow? And how do they communicate with body language? This great infographic covers some of the most common cat language.

7. The cat owners’ cleaning guide

For cat owners, especially indoor cat owners, you’ll at some point have to clean up after your cat. We’re not going to lie, it won’t the pleasant, but this useful visual covers cleaning up after your cat, as well as useful tips on allergies.


8. 10 things your probably didn’t know about cats

Credit: Ryoko Iwata

Did you know that cats only sweat through they paws? Or that cats don’t meow at one another, only at humans? Neither did we! One of the most surprising cat infographics we’ve come across.

9. Cheat sheet for understanding cats

Credit: She Knows

This humorous infographic tells you everything about your cat, from what they’re thinking, to their favourite petting zones.

10. Treat vs poison

Credit: Vet Medic

We’ve already covered some of the foods that cats can eat, but this useful infographic goes a step further, going into detail about foods that can be dangerous to your cat.


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