Tourists flock to see the cat with lucky eyebrows

A Japanese shopkeeper’s cat has markings that resemble the Japanese character for the number eight, which is considered good luck

Cat with lucky eyebrows
Mainichi newspapers/Aflo

And you think your cat’s lucky?! Read on as tourists flock to see the cat with lucky eyebrows

What a beautiful cat! As reported by The Guardian:

“Hachi, described in the Mainichi newspaper as an employee of the shop in Mito, Ibaraki prefecture, sports two black markings above her eyes that resemble the kanji character for the number eight, considered a harbinger of good luck in Japan. Now tourists have joined regular customers to catch a glimpse of the cat’s lucky markings, the newspaper said.”

Does your cat have lucky eyebrows? Or does it just bring you good luck? Let us know in the comments. You can purchase a range of grooming products using the links below.


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