Stray cats in South Korea have their own show!

The livestreamed show “Cats Meok Bang” is proving a hit with cat lovers!


These stray cats in South Korea are being livestreamed online!

Meok Bang, a South Korean term referencing the phenomenon of livesteaming as one eats, has been taken to a new level by Koo Eun-je, who’s setup a livestream for stray cats in South Korea’s streets, and regularly fishes to provide food for the cats to eat!

As The Verge reports;

Now, a new twist on this Meok Bang phenomenon has popped up: it’s called “Cat Meok Bang,” and it’s a channel solely dedicated to live-streaming stray cats.

The genius with a heart of gold who started it is Koo Eun-je, who goes by the handle BJ Thief Cat. Stray cats have a pretty bad rep in Korea, unfairly labeled as thieves who “steal food” (hence Koo Eun-je’s alias). That’s why it’s so refreshing and rare to see someone not only exhibit kindness to hungry cats, but to go above and beyond to actually catch fresh fish for the kitties!

The livestream is sadly only available currently to South Korean viewers, but the video above from the Associated Press gives a great insight into the couple behind the channel.

Stray cats in South Korea

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