Product video: PetSafe Drinkwell water fountain

Naturally running water is cleaner and safer than stagnant or still water, which is why animals seek out and prefer running water.


We’re fans of the PetSafe Drinkwell water fountain

Dr. Mary Burns invented the first PetSafe Drinkwell pet water fountain. Find out more here:….

This is especially true of cats, and as a result, many cats don’t drink enough water. Our own cat suffers from feline cystitis and encouraging him to drink more has become a key factor in keeping him happy and healthy, as a lack of water consumption can cause cats to suffer from a variety of medical conditions.

This is where the PetSafe Drinkwell pet water fountain comes in. Using a continuously flowing stream of water, the Drinkwell water fountain continuously circulates and aerates your pet’s water with oxygen. A removable filter removes bad tastes and odors, giving your pet the best possible way to stay hydrated. Available in a variety of styles and capacities to suit any household, the Drinkwell water fountain delivers better pet health through increased hydration.

You can purchase the PetSmart Drinkwell water fountain here. 


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