Here’s a cat riding a Roomba dressed as a shark

Hilarious and strangely mesmerising...


Because who doesn’t want to see a cat riding a Roomba?!

Sometimes you come across a cat video that’s just so perfect, hilarious, and infinitely watchable, that you have to share it. This is one of those videos. As if a cat in a shark costume wasn’t enough, here’s a cat riding a Roomba like some kind of strange, automated pedestal. You couldn’t make this up.

A cat riding a Roomba-whu?

Manufactured by the brilliantly named iRobot, Roombas are their line of automated vacuum cleaners — basically robot hoovers.

cat riding a Roomba
The iRobot Roomba 620 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

On a less comical note, Roombas make pretty good hoovers for constantly picking up surface hair before it has a chance to get walked into carpet fibres. They can be programmed to activate at certain times of day, head back to their dock to recharge when their battery is running low, and even hoover around table and chair legs. They also make a great form of transportation for especially lazy cats! You can browse the full range of Roombas and robot vacuum cleaners here, and we’ll feature more on these in our upcoming article on hoovers for tackling cat hair.

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