FUR Entertainment: Helping keep rescue cats entertained

FUR Entertainment want to keep cats happy and stimulated whilst they wait for their forever home.

FUR Entertainment
FUR Entertainment

FUR Entertainment are looking to work with UK cat shelters and rescue centres

We recently featured a wonderful guest post by US-based FUR Entertainment, a company producing very high-quality movies and videos just for pets.

As well as running a subscription service for cat owners, they’ve recently been working on building partnerships with animal shelters, providing their videos on DVDs for the shelters to play.

FUR Entertainment founder Meg Flippin described a bit about the scheme:
I can image if I was in a cage all day I’d be tremendously bored and grateful for something engaging to watch. I know there are many more urgent needs in shelters, such as medical care, but I think FUR Entertainment contributes to a cat’s mental health and I’ve gotten some great feedback from the Montgomery County shelter to this effect.
FUR Entertainment — Montgomery County Shelter
A FUR Entertainment video setup in the Montgomery County Shelter
FUR Entertainment — Montgomery County Shelter
Montgomery resident Sage being kept entertained
So far FUR Entertainment are working with shelters in the US, including the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, and they’re looking to provide content to UK-based shelters and rescue centres.

How you can help

This is, frankly, a genius idea. Shelters have so many animals to look after at any one time, and anything that can help keep the resident animals entertained and stimulated whilst waiting for their forever home should be applauded. Do you know of any shelters in the UK that you think would be interested in playing the content for their shelter cats? Get in touch with FUR Entertainment via their website or on Twitter, and they’ll happily mail through some DVDs. We applaud the scheme and hope that any more rescue animals can benefit.

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What Makes Cats Happy?

FUR Entertainment is an effort to make every day great for pets and to give to them some of the joy they give us. It’s a streaming subscription channel that offers premium content designed with pets’ interest in mind. 

If you worry about leaving your pet home alone or your pet suffers from separation anxiety try FUR Entertainment. There’s no need for a pet to be bored home alone. You may also find FUR Entertainment is perfect for those times when your pet needs attention, and as much as you’d like to drop everything and play dinner must still be cooked, laundry must still be folded, and your inbox is full of emails that must be responded to. 

After a long day you may find you like to sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and whimsical content of FUR Entertainment as well! We add new movies all the time to keep things interesting. You can watch an example of our content and subscribe here


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