Teaching your cat: cat clicker training

Amazing cat clicker training


Thought you couldn’t teach your cat tricks? Think again! This fascinating video on cat clicker training shows just what you can achieve!

This brilliant video demonstrates just how many tricks it’s possible to teach a cat through clicker training.

Tricks include:

  • Circus Cat (follow pointed finger, pedestal, sit pretty)
  • Roll over
  • Touch a Target Stick
  • Perchwork, Follow a Target
  • Stick ’em up (sit up on back legs, paws up, stay)
  • Go to a mark, paw target
  • Service (ring a desk bell)
  • Play the piano
  • Prayers (paws up on an object, perchwork, bow your head)
  • Paws up high
  • Hoop jump
  • Jump over a dog’s back
  • Touch my hand
  • Circles
  • Wipe your paws
  • Spin
  • Play dead (stick ’em up, stay, play dead)
  • Fetch
  • Come
  • Sit
  • Cat in a box (hide in a box)

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