Quick look: the innovative Modkat Litter Box

The award-winning Modkat top-entry litter box is a great looking litter box that aims to eliminate stray litter


The Modkat Litter Box aims to reinvent the cat litter box

It’s been a little quiet on the website front this past month, as pesky work and general day-to-day life has got in the way, but this is a product that caught our eye. Produced by Brooklyn-based Modko, the award-winning Modkat Litter Box is their take on the cat litter box, and includes a unique design and a number of useful (and very welcome) features that might pique the interest of cat owners looking for something a little different.


From the rather lovely Modko website:

Modko is a small Brooklyn based company that creates innovative cat products for your modern lifestyle. We truly believe that well-thought-out design improves our lives, and yes, this includes litter boxes! We approach every new product in response to genuine needs expressed by our customers and are currently excited to be expanding our modern cat product line that began with the award-winning Modkat Litter Box.

So what makes the Modkat Litter Box different?

Litter boxes are a household essential for any cat owner, and a product range that’s crying out for some innovation. It’s safe to say that the typical litter box isn’t the nicest thing to look at, and what struck us initially is that the Modkat Litter Box looks great. A stylish cube with curved edges, it tucks discretely into a corner and in a world of Dysons and Apple Macs it wouldn’t look out of place.

Modkat Litter Box
The Modkat Litter Box in white

It comes in a range of subtle colours as well as a rather fetching black and orange, and includes a colour co-ordinated scoop which attaches to a rather nifty and convenient hook on the side of the litter box.

This attention to detail and a focus on design hasn’t gone unnoticed, with Modko receiving the prestigious Red Dot Design Award recognising outstanding innovation, design and functionality.


Key features of the Modkat Litter Box

The most striking design feature is the door, or lack of. Instead of entering the litter box through a swing door at the front like a conventional litter box, your cat climbs into the cube from an entry point in the top. The ‘rooftop access’ as Modko call it means that when the cat exits, the majority of the litter drops back into the base of the litter box. The swing ‘lid’ at the top of the litter box also doubles as a kind of litter mat, with holes allowing any stubborn excess litter caught on a cat’s paws to fall back into the box as well.

The Modkat Litter Box looks great and virtually eliminates litter tracking
The Modkat Litter Box looks great and virtually eliminates litter tracking

That’s not the only feature that makes the Modkat Litter Box stand out though. A reusable custom-fitted liner made from industrial-strength tarp makes emptying and cleaning the litter box much more convenient. The included scoop is also a really nice touch, making this a true all-in-one solution.

The Best For Cats view

From their website through to their product photography and design, Modko are clearly serious about producing exceptionally well-designed products that include truly innovative features. From the genuinely unique features to the stylish range of colours, this is a truly innovative litter box that completely rethinks a product category, not something you can say very often. Like other high-end brands — think the aforementioned Dyson and Apple — design quality and innovation come at a price, and the Modkat Litter Box is no different, currently retailing here in the UK for around £130.00 and £17.00 for replacement liners (although do shop around). This is a big ask when conventional litter boxes can be had for around £15.00, even when you take into account the bundled liner and scoop, and positions the Modkat Litter Box firmly in the ‘luxury’ end of cat products. As with products like the Hepper NomNom bowl, it depends how much value an owner is prepared to place on good design, but it’s certainly the most — perhaps only — stylish litter box we’ve ever seen. For this alone Modko should be applauded.

In terms of the product features, we love the attempts to eliminate tracking through good design. We wondered if the neat and compact design would prove a problem for larger cats, but at roughly 40cm wide this doesn’t seem to be an issue. One feature we do like with our current Catit litter boxes is the filter, which keeps odour down and wouldn’t be possible with the Modkat Litter Box design. Reviews seem overwhelmingly positive, and if you own a Modkat Litter Box we’d love to hear rom you in the comments. Click here to find out about the product. 



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