The ProtectaPet® Freestanding Cat Enclosures are a fantastic, innovative solution for indoor cat owners

In Britain, it is commonly accepted that cats have the right to roam freely. However, free-roaming cats have a life expectancy of two years, as opposed to the otherwise expected longevity of 15 years. This is due to exposure to dangers such as increasingly busier roads, fighting with other cats in the neighbourhood, consumption of pest control, such as slug pellets, amongst many other risks.


ProtectaPet freestanding cat enclosure

ProtectaPet® have added a freestanding cat enclosure kit to their range of UK designed and manufactured pet containment products, which is available to purchase for DIY enthusiasts or can be professionally installed by the experts themselves. The innovative company, which designs unobtrusive cat containment systems providing cats with safe access to the outdoors, has been retailing cat fence barriers (suitable for securing the perimeter of a garden already marked with a fence or wall) since July 2013. They hope that the latest freestanding product will increase accessibility to cat owners who have privet hedges and large gardens which they wish to partition.

ProtectaPet freestanding cat enclosure

About the ProtectaPet® Freestanding Cat Enclosure

The ProtectaPet® Freestanding Cat Enclosure is made from pregalvanised and powdercoated steel for endurance. It features patented CruciLock™ ground spikes with self locking push fit design. The enclosure is modular so it can be constructed to the client’s individual requirements, allowing for the addition of gates wherever required. The DIY ProtectaKit includes all the components required to assemble the cat enclosure including, a welded steel mesh chew guard which runs along the bottom 60cm of the fence, protecting it from wildlife damage.

Patented Cruci-Lock™ Technology: modular enclosure post fixtures which can be used on hard or soft ground
Patented Cruci-Lock™ Technology: modular enclosure post fixtures which can be used on hard or soft ground

In smaller outdoor spaces, on patios, or in cases where the client requires high security, there is the option to build a sealed mesh roof cat enclosure. This system uses additional ProtectaPet® modular components to construct a fully steel framed enclosure which supports a mesh roof (up to a maximum width of 2.4 metres). These steel frames are currently available through our installation service as they are made to order and can be customised to the appropriate size and shape of your patio or outdoor area.

Patented Cruci-Lock™ Technology: modular enclosure post fixtures which can be used on hard or soft ground

The ProtectaPet Freestanding Cat Enclosure
The ProtectaPet Freestanding Cat Enclosure

ProtectaPet® take great pride in their exceptional relationship with their customers, beyond sale and guarantee period: they keep in touch using social media and monthly newsletters. They have over 100 glowing reviews on Facebook and 40 reviews on Google+In recognition of this reputation, they have been nominated as ‘Cat Product I can’t Live Without’ for two consecutive years in the ‘Your Cat’ magazine Product Awards.

Your Cat Product Awards Logo 2015 Your Cat Product Awards Logo 2015

Made in Britain

Quality is at the heart of our brand and so we like to use West Midlands based manufacturers. In fact, our ‘Made in Britain’ logo is perceived as an assurance of quality in both domestic and international markets.

Made In Britain Logo

Please see our official Made in Britain profile here.

Clients have the option to buy the product as a DIY ProtectaKit in the ProtectaPet® online shop, or to have it installed by our team of expert fitters. A 30m ProtectaPet DIY Cat Enclosure costs £899.99 with professional installation starting at £1,500.

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ProtectaPet Logo: Keeping Cats Safe Outdoors

ProtectaPet are a rapidly growing company, owned and managed by Simon and Eve Davies, and run by the dedicated staff in the experienced installation and online shop departments. As a team of pet owners and animal lovers, they understand pets and their owners’ needs. They’ve have spent six years optimising their patented products to make a unique offering of the best combination of quality and value for the discerning pet owner.

ProtectaPet’s ethos is simple: a happy pet equals a happy owner. Understanding the behaviour of pets is a good start to developing products that make pets feel closer to their natural habitat. ProtectaPet wants every pet to access their vision of a safe territory. Pets differ from each other as much as people and pets of the same species have different needs and no two cats or dogs are identical, they all have a unique personality. Keeping cats safe outdoors is their priority. 


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