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About Best For Cats

Best For Cats — A couple that loves cats

Best For Cats is a website dedicated to providing the very best for our feline friends and their owners; from indoor cat toys to cat food, scratch posts, cat water fountains, grooming tools and everything in between. Cats make the most wonderful companions, and whether your cat is based indoors or likes to rule your neighbourhood, we try to cover everything you’ll need to keep your cat a happy kitty!

The site was born out of a frustration with the range of current websites for cat owners. We wanted to create a website that is equal parts fun, useful and enlightening. Our product reviews are impartial and we also hope to bring the best news and articles on cat health and wellbeing.

About the authors

Shortly after getting married, we were browsing various cat shelters when we spotted a lovely looking ginger and white chap named Fred.

So it turns out we were always cat people, we just didn’t know it until 2013.

A quick phone call to the shelter disappointingly revealed he’d already been reserved, but we spotted two more cats that we fell in love with. Alf and Ali were 9 and 6 months respectively, had had a rough start to life and were looking for a new home — Alf was adventurous and cheeky, whilst Ali was shy and nervous. We fell in love with them and reserved them on the spot. Adopting rescue cats is incredibly rewarding, and watching them grow and slowly learn to trust us and settle into their surroundings has been a pleasure and an honour.

About Best For Cats

Best For Cats was established in 2015, and is proudly hosted by SiteGround and powered by WordPress.


Best For Cats is proudly hosted by SiteGround, feature-rich managed WordPress hosting with premium support, starting at just £2.75/month.

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Best For Cats sources images from Flickr used under the Public Domain Dedication license. We also use a handful of images from the wonderful Barn Images. Their free collection is completely free of charge – you are welcome to use the images for both commercial and personal needs.

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Best For Cats uses affiliate links to promote services and products from a select number of trusted partners. If you purchase a product or service through one of our links, we’ll receive a small percentage of the purchase price. This income is used to cover hosting and bandwidth costs, as well as pay for contributors.

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